How will enterolab help you?

EnteroLab is a registered and fully accredited* clinical laboratory specializing in the analysis of intestinal specimens for food sensitivities (reactions by the immune system to common proteins in the diet) that cause a variety of symptoms and diseases. One particular area of our focus relates to intestinal conditions caused by immune reactivity to a protein called gluten which is found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Recent research in our laboratory indicates that immune sensitivity to gluten is exceedingly common, present in 30-40% of all Americans. Although these reactions can cause malnutrition, growth failure in children, osteoporosis, many autoimmune diseases (including colitis, diabetes, arthritis, and many others), most of the affected individuals are unaware they have it because there have been no sensitive tests capable of diagnosis. Similar sensitivity to yeast in the diet has been linked to the development of an inflammatory intestinal disease called Crohn’s disease.

What tests does enterolab offer?

EnteroLab offers a range of tests focused on immunologic reaction to gluten, and 16 other antigenic foods (fecal anti-food antigen IgA); Crohn’s disease; pancreatic insufficiency (fecal elastase); fat malabsorption; acute/ chronic colitis (fecal lactoferrin); yeast sensitivity (fecal anti-sacharromyces cerevisiae IgA); parasitic infection (enzyme immunochromatography test for Giardia, Amoeba, Cryptosporidium); gene test for identifying genetic predisposition to gluten sensitivity and celiac disease (HLA-DQB1 analysis).

Advantages of EnteroLab testing

Why over 100,000 patients and more than 1,500 practitioners selected EnteroLab?

  • More sensitive than blood and saliva tests, or biopsies
  • Simple non-invasive collection methods. No needles for any test and no need to handle any stool
  • No doctors order or prescription necessary
  • Results with personalized interpretation provided to you online
  • No need to reintroduce gluten into your diet if already gluten-free

Proceeds from EnteroLab testing are donated to the Intestinal Health Institute, a non profit organization founded by Dr. Kenneth Fine, to improve intestinal and overall health and nutrition through medical research, education and public service. All test developed, standardized and patented by EnteroLab researchers.

What’s unique about EnteroLab?

The non-invasive fecal testing method offers a simple collection of stool from either a kit that fastens to the toilet seat or from children’s diapers. Additionally, EnteroLab has pioneered a method of collecting cells from the mouth to test for the presence of the genes involved with gluten sensitivity. The proprietary method detects fecal anti-food antigen IgA to 16 antigenic foods. Tests can detect antibodies in stool whether a person has symptoms or not, before irreversible damage has been done to the intestine and other organs.