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"I was told by my doctor there was no test for gluten sensitivity and to just add gluten to your diet to see how you feel. This is incorrect information because there is a test and it’s at EnteroLab. EnteroLab saved my family’s health."

Terry Bradshaw Present EnteroLab on Viewpoints

Terry Bradshaw presents the unique offering of EnteroLab, the Pioneers in Accuracy for Gluten and Food Sensitivity Testing

In-Focus presents EnteroLab

Learn more about gluten and how our immune system may recognize this protein as an invading organism. View to discover EnteroLab’s unique research in this area

EnteroLab And Gluten Test

Dr. Vikki Petersen author of “The Gluten Effect”, a best-seller on the subject of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, and co-founder of the HealthNOW Medical Centre

TV Special on EnteroLab

View here to learn more about the various symptoms present in gluten and food sensitivities. Hear patients share their personal stories and discover how EnteroLab helped them get better