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EnteroLab “The pioneers in accuracy for gluten and food sensitivity testing” has developed unique tests to discover more than 15 hidden food sensitivities. Since 2001 we have served over 100,000 patients and more than 1,500 practitioners have referred us. Our tests are now available to you directly online.


Learn about gluten sensitivity and how it can affect you and your family



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Our Stories

We are proud to share with you some personal stories from our patients and practitioners. Please connect to our social media channels to learn more from our community.


View this video to learn more about the various symptoms present in gluten and food sensitivities. Hear patients share their personal stories and discover how EnteroLab helped them get better

Terry Bradshaw Present EnteroLab on Viewpoints

Terry Bradshaw presents the unique offering of EnteroLab, the Pioneers in Accuracy for Gluten and Food Sensitivity Testing

Our Tests

Sensitivity Panel

Gluten Sensitivity Panel

Stool IgA for Gluten + tTG Autoimmune Test + Intestinal Fat Malabsorption Test (Panel B1)

$279 Order Now!

Top 4 Foods
Testing Panel

Top 4 Foods Testing Panel

Stool IgA for Gluten, Egg, Milk and Soy + Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test (Panel A2)

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Complete Food
Testing Panel

Complete Food Testing Panel

Stool IgA for Gluten, Egg, Milk, Soy, 3 Grains, 4 Meats, 3 Nuts, and 1 Potato (Panel A1+C1)

Or, for Vegetarians:
Stool IgA for Gluten, Egg, Milk, Soy, 3 Grains, 3 Nuts, 1 Seed, 1 Legume, and 1 Potato, tTG Autoimmune Test (Panel B2+C2)

$499 Order Now!